World War I Memorial, 2015

with Julie Ju-Youn Kim, Paul Matelic, and Adam Schroth


The spirit of this proposal lies in the intertwined ideas of light and shadow, presence and absence. With 116,516 punctures, a textured wall to inspire rises from the ground defining a threshold. The wall is simultaneously present because of its scale but also absent with the perforations to represent the lives lost in World War I. The wall connects in the ground, rests on the ground, soars above the ground. Carved fields in the park create gardens to understand. Articulations of the edges shape figurative rooms to honor. We offer a rich and dynamic memorial park with spaces both for reflection and for recreation.


The conceptual idea of the gradient overlay provides a continuous topology of diverse experiences. This proposal articulates the inflection in contours and edges to support seating, lounging or standing to achieve the sense of intimacy in scale attractive to a couple of people as well as hundreds in a crowd. An array of LED light markers stitches their way within the benches. Whispers from the war emerge within the illuminated gardens. Our memorial park considers nuance and variety in the texture and scale of elements within a single surface of the wall, within the gardens, in the rooms.