Visual Storytelling: Bringing Life to Children's Tales, 2014





"While truthfulness has it value, the same can be said for fantasy. The children’s story is well suited to counteract the resignation and incapacitation that often accompanies trauma, since its fantastical plots aim to summon the imaginative potential of the reader’s captive mental state. Contributors…encourage us to cycle between conscious and unconscious states, work-life and dream-time, desire and disappointment, material reality and history because to do so is essential to an enhanced experience of the physical environment."

Jeffrey Inaba, Storytelling, Volume 20

As a way to playfully reimagine a children’s tale, a pair of renderings illustrate my interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen based on memory. This quick exercise was meant to understand how individuals illustrate unique landscapes in their minds from listening to tales. I made my imaginary landscape real, using the rendering as a medium to display what I had interpreted from the text.