Villa Zarri Beer Hall, 2017

with Adam Schroth





“Show not what has been done but what can be. How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths” – Umberto Eco

More than a sanctuary for beer, the proposal fuses aging cellars, landscape, and the surrounding gardens of Villa Zarri with a series of maze-like projections that establish a unique experience of a contemporary beer hall. As projections interfere with one another, a specific set of uses are identified to service the consumption, distribution, and storage of Villa Zarri’s products. Profiles, in turn, reach out into a carved spatial setting to establish taps, bars, seating, shelves, and display systems intent on highlighting the dynamic relationship between the existing grounds and the new design.



Organizationally, the design’s plan and section are arranged so as to blur a singular sense of direction. The simultaneity of projections produce both interlocking and extruded spatial effects, permeating throughout the beer hall, showcase rooms, laboratory, and spilling into the site’s adjacent gardens (formulating a kind of labyrinth all its own). In this light, the proposal is able to transform Villa Zarri with a new, yet rooted, identity that supports memorable experiences for its future visitors and the products it shares with the world.