Roccascalegna Observatory Houses, 2017

with Adam Schroth



More than a retreat from the ever-accelerating routines of our day-to-day, the architecture we propose is one choreographed by the oneiric capacity of architecture and the illuminated night sky. Mending landscape, fortress, and celestial space, the proposal stitches Roccascalegna's steep terrain and enchanting fortress with a clustering of residences, each is positioned in an oblique fashion so as to offer unique windows into the mysteries that float above us. The existing path navigating the site connects these residences in the visitor's ascent.

As the path approaches each cluster of homes, it swells to present variation within the procession of the site, and when viewed from its uppermost point, with the residences and paths in view, the proposal begins to formalize a constellation all its own. A secondary sequence of circulation weaves additional elements of the sky lounge into the organizational strategy of the scheme, with its restaurant situated at the foot of the slope, an open air information center nestled amongst homes, and a didactic observation pavilion sitting at the base of the fortress to learn the techniques of astronomical observance.